How To Properly Clean Silver Jewellery

Imagine: you're going out for a special meal. You've picked the perfect outfit, shoes and makeup. You go to add your favorite piece of silver jewelry as a finishing touch, but you open your jewelry box to discover it's covered in awful brown and black tarnish, rendering it unwearable. What now?

While you can remove silver tarnish easily enough, doing so the wrong way or with faulty products can cause more tarnish or - even worse - cause damage to your jewelry.

Thankfully learning how to clean silver jewelry is simpler than you think, and it only requires a few tools and techniques. Once you've learned the process, cleaning your favorite silver pieces will become routine, and you won't be shocked at opening your jewelry box to a tarnished necklace again.

Please keep reading to learn all about how to clean your silver jewelry properly to extend the life of your favorite pieces and be able to enjoy wearing them whenever you like.